Spooky Stuff

I’ve began to question many things about ghosts.Firstly, why are they always seemingly dressed as Elizabethans or Victorians? Why has nobody become a ghost for the past 120 years?You never see a hippy ghost or one from the early 90’s… Read More ›

The Changing Face Of Crime

There’s been recent controversy about some police forces use of Automated Facial Recognition to help identify suspected criminals and potentially solve crimes as some claim it infringes upon people’s human rights and invades their privacy.Apparently, it’s more accurate than CCTV… Read More ›

Mass Destruction

After my dad’s recent death and ahead of his funeral, I decided to secretly visit the Catholic church he attended every Sunday for mass.Compared to when I regularly attended mass as a child, I found this whole new atmosphere ridiculously… Read More ›

The Penny Finally Drops

The enforcing of the reduction of stakes that can be placed on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals from £100 to just £2, reminded me of my own childhood gambling addiction and the financial problems it caused my dad.Admittedly, my “addiction” was… Read More ›

Bad Hair Day

Whilst having my haircut, my barber weirdly said: “Guess my favourite film.”My immediate thought was this game could literally take years and the chicken I left cooking at home will be cremated.Being a hostage in his chair, I reluctantly decided… Read More ›

Having A Bubble

Today, I used the bubble bath my fiancée had lovingly bought me which strongly smells of spicy apples.Great, if you’re a girl but I now just smell like a guy who’s spent 24 hours on the cider.Why do women always… Read More ›

The Evil Shredder

My last paper shredder tragically died in infancy after I accidentally over-fed it.It wasn’t my fault it didn’t swallow as many sheets as it claimed it could. At least my Tamagotchi gave reliable, honest feeding instructions and died in a… Read More ›

Ringing The Changes

Between 2012 and 2017, time spent on landline calls plummeted from 103 billion to 54 billion minutes. Over the same period, mobile calls rose to 148.6 billion minutes as our phoning habits change.I remember when my family didn’t own a… Read More ›

My Death Wish

Recent reports suggests that costs of funerals are rising sharply and that cemetery spaces are in short supply as people are dying to get in.With this in mind, I decided to plan my own funeral now.Firstly, the coffin. Not only… Read More ›