Cold Comforts

I’ve just recovered from my first winter cold. As someone who’s had pneumonia 3 times, died once, suffers with malignant hyperthermia and has a history of chest infections, this is always a worrying time. On the one occasion I had… Read More ›

Poppy Appeal

Contrary to popular opinion, my dad never fought in the war, apart from in the playgrounds of South London.As a child at the outbreak, he was evacuated to Dorset, where he still saw “muck and bullets” but only because he… Read More ›


I recently decided to give my oven a long overdue clean. I put on the recommended breathing mask, thick goggles and protective gloves. I couldn’t help feeling that this was my Halloween costume sorted for this year. The only thing… Read More ›

Ruff Justice

From September 10th, Wetherspoon’s have decided to ban dogs from its pubs. Apparently, it’s also blanket ban which means it will probably affect dogs, babies and elderly ladies as they all love wearing blankets in pubs.Wetherspoon’s claim the reason for… Read More ›


The day after his recent 18th birthday, my lad got an impressive tattoo of a rose with a musical symbol stem.I’m perfectly fine with it, providing the rose doesn’t grow into a popular monstrous full tattoo sleeve where it’s often… Read More ›

Cash Machines

With my wallet in need of some resuscitation, I visited the cash machine.I hate cash machines. I hate standing behind people and having to guiltily swivel my head away in an exaggerated fashion like Beetlejuice to prove that I am… Read More ›

Amateur Mechanics

I have absolutely no idea why some guys love spending their summer weekends lying underneath their cars.As someone with a rational fear of getting run over, I can think of few worse places to be than under a vehicle.I’m not… Read More ›

My O.B.E.

The NHS is celebrating 70 years of service and, like many people, I owe them my life.I was a very sickly child and extremely prone to chest infections.It would be harsh to blame my mum for this, but I’ve absolutely… Read More ›