Having A Bubble

Today, I used the bubble bath my fiancée had lovingly bought me which strongly smells of spicy apples.
Great, if you’re a girl but I now just smell like a guy who’s spent 24 hours on the cider.
Why do women always want their guys to smell of fruit and berries? I’m not Bear Grylls.
Apparently, it was an “Avon man’s bubble bath” and he can have it back if he wants to pay the postage.
I can’t believe there’s such a thing as a “man’s bubble bath.” I’d love to have been on the marketing committee who thought that up.
Avon also make a bubble gum bubble bath – which makes it hard to get out of the bath as you stick to the sides – and others called apple crumble and a chocolate and orange, which you have to tap hard to get out of its packaging.
Just because things smell nice, it doesn’t make them a bubble bath. I quite like the smell of petrol but I definitely wouldn’t want it all over my skin.
Personally, I love Matey because it “cleans the bath as well” but it would be even better if it tidied the flat, made toast and brought me a newspaper.
Apparently, kids can now bathe in Groovy Grape, Swirling Strawberry and Playful Pear.
What will those mad boffins at Avon think of next with their age related, gender specific bubble baths?
“This one is for old ladies. It’s smells of musty lavender, sherbet lemons and Vick. This one is for old boys and smells of Lifebuoy soap, Brylcreem and old woodbines.”
It’s a marketing team’s goldmine. But I wonder if there’s a penalty for bathing in the wrong gender bubble bath? Do the bubble bath police come and arrest you and have you sentenced to community service, cleaning public toilets with gender appropriate Toilet Ducks for male and female toilets?
And is it still socially acceptable for women to use manly Mr Muscle? I think these manufacturers should come clean.


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