I’m continuosly surprised by how many women on my Twitter feed have experienced unwarranted and unwanted harrassment in their Direct Messages (DMs) from guys who have instantly followed them back. The guys are often suggestive, often crude, or asking sexually… Read More ›

Life Is A Lottery

Last week, the Thomson family won £105 million on the EuroMillions Lottery.They admit it’s much more than they need (Hello, I’m over here) but unusually, given their potentially life changing new circumstances, appear relatively grounded.Indeed, they seem to be people… Read More ›

Bread Historian

Whilst listening to a food debate on a radio phone-in, a lady called Jane from Manchester called in and said she was a Bread Historian.Which made me wonder how does this job even exist? I’ve never seen it advertised in… Read More ›

Fright Night

I don’t normally get involved in Brexit discussions. I don’t like the inevitable arguments it causes amongst friends and the bitter divisions it creates in families.I dislike the way it pitches the different generations of people against each other. Where… Read More ›

A Disastrous Campaign

As part of annual preparedness month, promoted by UK local authorities and the emergency services, Police Scotland recently launched a campaign urging the public to prepare a “grab and go” bag containing some essentials in case of an emergency. Unfortunately,… Read More ›

Thanks For Nothing

I really have to stop saying “Thank you, I appreciate it” to anyone who provides me a service. It’s my default response and I even said it to the nurse who gave me a routine blood test yesterday.Naturally, she looked… Read More ›

Fairway To Heaven

With church attendances in decline, many churches have come up with new and innovative ways to address the problem.Peterborough cathedral is planning a prosecco and gin festival, whilst Norwich cathedral is installing a soft helter-skelter ride.Nearer to home, Rochester cathedral… Read More ›

Space Clangers

Last week celebrated 50 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. No one can remember the name of the 3rd pilot who was too tired to get out of the spaceship after driving all that way,… Read More ›