April Fool

Don’t you love April Fool’s day?It’s a day where your dad will annoyingly repeatedly tell you that your shoe-laces are undone because it was considered hilariously funny in his school playground.And a day where every newspaper will run a story… Read More ›


Doubtless, over the next couple of days someone will tell you “Don’t forget to put your clocks forward on Saturday night.”At which point you’ll have to go through that stupid conversation where you have to say – because it’s the… Read More ›

The Beast From The East

So, there was I, stupidly thinking that I had successfully navigated my way through another miserable winter, when suddenly, the UK got hit by “The Beast From The East” – Probably because nothing rhymes with Siberia apart from Liberia and… Read More ›

Happy Days

I really hate the song “If you’re happy and you know it…”To remind you, it goes “If you’re happy and you know it (So, presumably you can be happy and not know it?) clap your hands!”Which is okay, just don’t… Read More ›

Writing Wrongs

Lifestyle magazine, Vice, recently complained that the Edinburgh café where JK Rowling famously wrote her Harry Potter stories has become an ugly tourist attraction where people dressed as wizards congregate in awe and worship.As someone who has written 20 funny… Read More ›

Energy Drinks

I am often surprised at how many empty energy drink cans I see strewn across the pavements. I assume they aren’t very good because it seems that anyone who drinks them still hasn’t got the energy to walk to the… Read More ›

Driving Me Stupid

I often regret not learning to drive when I young and at college. But I probably spent 90% of my student life over the legal alcohol limit to render the notion of driving absurd.I did drive a bright red sports… Read More ›


Cancer Research UK are asking people to address their Christmas over-indulgences by giving up drinking alcohol in January and raise money for their medical research by signing up for Dryathlon.5 million Britons took part last year.The Cancer Research UK Alcohol… Read More ›