Life Is A Lottery

Last week, the Thomson family won £105 million on the EuroMillions Lottery.
They admit it’s much more than they need (Hello, I’m over here) but unusually, given their potentially life changing new circumstances, appear relatively grounded.
Indeed, they seem to be people after my own heart – which they can have for £9.99 plus P&P – in that I’d never knowingly, overpay for anything.
One of the first things Mr Thomson did was treat himself to a £5 haircut. Weirdly, if my haircuts only cost a fiver, I’d be on my way to being a millionaire. Maybe, when he moves out, I could move into his current home and frequent his barber shop.
One of the extravagances he promised his family are a pair of Heeleys, so I’m definitely applying to be adopted by him.
But money can’t buy you happiness after the UK government put a ban on happiness sales in the 1980’s when they decided that it was bad for the workplace.
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve approached a surly shop assistant and asked for some happiness and been told: ‘I’m sorry, sir, there’s absolutely no happiness anywhere in this shop.’
It’s nice that the Thomsons seem to be getting sound financial advice and are being practical (so far) with their money.
On the flip side, newspaper columnist, Katie Price was recently declared bankrupt after blowing her £45 million fortune. She didn’t turn up at the court hearing in London that day because she couldn’t afford to top up her Oyster card.
If she earnt all that money from her newspaper columns, than I, definitely, need to renegotiate my contract.
And I’ll also try taking her with me when I need to speak to any children’s book publisher.
I do worry that the Thomsons and Katie Price both reside in Sussex and really hope that their new house has electric gates in case Katie rides there in a pink pumpkin carriage, asking for a loan.


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