Fright Night

I don’t normally get involved in Brexit discussions. I don’t like the inevitable arguments it causes amongst friends and the bitter divisions it creates in families.
I dislike the way it pitches the different generations of people against each other. Where the old accuse the young “Remainers” of not knowing what they voted for, and the young telling their elders that they’ll never see the consequences of their voting “Leave.”
It’s painful to see the UK so polarised, so aggressive towards each other. Some thinly veiled racism, so much civil unrest but here we are.
But whichever way people voted, I’ll respect them providing they give a perceived valid reason for their choice.
What isn’t acceptable are those people stupidly saying they want to leave on Halloween without a deal because they are simply bored. That isn’t a good or valid reason to leave anything.
My lad would get bored painting family pictures in infant school but if he’d just left them, my spare room would be a shrine filled with pictures of him and his mum because I was always the figure he painted last.
I sometimes wonder if these impatient people even voted or if they considered spending 30 seconds in a polling booth and writing an x in a box was too boring for them?
I’m not a political commentator. There are many people more qualified than me.
But experts say that just leaving on the 31st October without a Brexit deal isn’t the glorious end. It’s just the beginning to an end. No one is gonna wake up on November 1st with all tedious Brexit discussions and problems solved.
They estimate it could take another 10 years of continuous talks to renegotiate everything and make new trade agreements and new deals and policies.
But wanting to leave the EU on October 31st without a deal simply because “you’re bored” isn’t a valid reason. It is, at best, naïve and at worst, deluded because the upheaval it causes will continue for many years.


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