Hostile Hotel

I had booked a ticket to see Simply Red in concert in a seaside town and decided I’d like an overnight stay in a hotel afterwards. I visited the town three weeks beforehand and saw a hotel I liked the… Read More ›

Noah And God

The following is a conversation between Noah and God… Noah: I was watching the weather forecast with that Thomas, Tomas, Tomasz Schafercake…? Louise Lear and she said there’s gonna be a massive flood. Something to do with Global Warming. I… Read More ›

Dying For Love

With another full lockdown in Britain, traditional dating has gone by the wayside as the 2-metre distance rule makes it impossible to date naturally. Being ridiculously single again, I know I don’t want to go on a date in a… Read More ›

Stormy Times

I’m constantly surprised to see reporters taken out of nice warm tv studios and placed into areas of impending storms and reporting to camera whilst tethered to a falling tree.The fact they’re sent into areas where everyone else is being… Read More ›

The Heat Is On

The UK recently had its hottest day since records began with Cambridge reaching a sweltering 38.7 degrees Celsius. Bizarrely, it wasn’t confirmed on the actual day because weather forecasters were sunbathing on the beach at the time and couldn’t be… Read More ›

Wish You Were Here

During the recent one-day heatwave, I visited Margate by myself and discovered that going to the seaside as a solo guy isn’t as great as going with my fiancée.Firstly, without your partner or kids, you can’t go swimming in the… Read More ›

The Sun And The Pain

They say hot weather makes people irritable. But maybe it’s the heat making sane people do stupid things that makes us all grumpy?For example, I have never understood why people put sunglasses on top of their heads. What possible use… Read More ›