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  • The Coronavirus

    I’m no Super forecaster (although I fit the description of “social misfit and weirdo”), and despite what the Health Secretary says or doesn’t say for fear of causing mass hysteria, I predict with the oncoming Coronavirus that by late March,… Read More ›

  • Shocking Award Ceremonies

    The Brit Awards are not aimed at my age demographic. Luckily, TV executives commissioned “Walking With Dinosaurs” to cater for my need to see and relive my childhood.But I watch the awards anyway solely in the hope that something unexpected… Read More ›

  • Fatal Attraction

    After 11 years, spawning 8 marriages and 6 babies, ITV announced their Saturday night dating show, Take Me Out is being cancelled.With viewing figures dropping, youngsters decided they didn’t “likey” it anymore and preferred spending Saturday evenings in the aisle… Read More ›

  • Bubs In Pubs

    There are many things adults shouldn’t do whilst under the influence of alcohol. Operate heavy machinery, drive cars, embarrassingly post on social media or cowardly dump their partners by text.Following some unruly behaviour (I’m guessing crayoning “devil” on their children’s… Read More ›

  • Paint Traumatic Stress Disorder (Part One)

    With the new decade starting, I decided to freshen up my flat by painting 7 door frames, 2 doors and the skirting boards in the hallway and bathroom to cheer myself up.In the words of Liam Neeson in Taken, “I… Read More ›

  • Paint Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Following on from last week, having decided to start 2020 by freshening up my flat by painting 7 door frames, two doors and two lots (the collective noun) of skirting boards, I was, after 5 minutes of undercoating, incredibly bored.But… Read More ›

  • Flights Of Fancy

    In 2005, Ketty Maisonrouge decided she wanted to explore space. After rejecting an offer from Julia Bradbury to hike across the Sheppey Marshes, she instead, purchased a £190,500 ticket to board a Virgin Galactic space shuttle to fly into low… Read More ›

  • My Tipping Point

    Adele recently amazed staff at a luxury restaurant abroad with a numerically appropriate tip of $2,020 (over £1,500) to see in the new year.I was amazed too as the tip would’ve covered my entire annual food shopping bill.In Britain, we… Read More ›

  • Trouble In Store

    As we gently ease our way into the 2020s, one of the biggest changes we witnessed in the last decade with the online shopping boom, is the demise of some familiar High Street retailers with many of the big-name stores… Read More ›

  • Dirty Laundry

    Whirlpool issued a January product recall on 519,000 washing machines (my own included) after 79 machines had their door locking mechanisms catch fire.Meanwhile, owners were advised not to use their machines over the Christmas period, causing much concern for large… Read More ›