Vegans Are Very Nice To Meat

I recently watched an interesting documentary on becoming a vegan.I’ve a few family members and friends who are vegan. In fairness, they are all generally tolerant and respectful to those who aren’t because they’ve previously been meat-eaters too and appreciate… Read More ›

The Unreal Meal Deal

Whilst visiting my fiancée in hospital, I popped into the onsite W.H. Smith Shop for something to eat.I decided to have the meal deal – although, it’s not technically a “meal” and if your partner said to you “let’s go… Read More ›

Flipping Pancakes

Doubtless, over the coming days, condescending celebrity chefs will be appearing on tv telling us how to make the perfect batter mix for Pancake Day.C’mon, how stupid do they think we all are? What idiot can’t make a pancake?Well, me…. Read More ›

Dry January

Many years ago, I’d go out drinking with my family, my friends and work colleagues. I stupidly kept all groups separated in case they didn’t like each other.The shocking result being that I’d be spending around 300 days a year… Read More ›

Fussy Eaters

My local café serves 8 different variations of Full English Breakfasts, ranging from a basic 1 egg, sausage, bacon, tomato, hash brown and beans to a Full Monty Breakfast that triples everything and adds a flat mushroom, black pudding and… Read More ›

Rubbish Ice Creams

In this hot weather, there’s fewer things more disappointing than seeing a shop advertising lovely ice cream, ordering it, only to find a guy scraping out frozen solid scoops of ice cream and plastering it haphazardly onto a cone, especially… Read More ›

Tom Kerridge And Me

As a kid, I was seriously overweight. I wasn’t so much a fifth child, more a Space-Hopper for my siblings to bounce on around the garden.I was probably the only “man-made” object on Earth to be seen from outer space.Alarmed,… Read More ›