The Brady Bunch

During the lock-down, with my lad grown up and living away, I haven’t had to deal with entertaining the kids, so I can’t imagine what it would be like for families like The Brady Bunch.
For those who don’t remember The Brady Bunch, here is what it was about according to the TV theme song… With some extra details…
#Here’s the story of a lovely lady# (Be honest, she may be “lovely” but she often heard voices in her head).
#Who was bringing up 3 very lovely girls.# (a: Over-use of the word “lovely” – Lazy song-writing and b: Don’t feel too sorry for her, she was claiming CSA).
#All of them had hair of gold# (Weird. Bet The kids from The Village Of The Damned laughed at them?)
#Like their mother’s.# (Probably a hair-dye from Poundland accident).
#The youngest one in curls.# (Technically, more like ringlets).
#Here’s the story of a man named Brady.# (Brady Brady? Hate lazy parents who cannot think of anything to name their kids. There was no way I was gonna call my lad Connor O’Connor because it would sound like he had a bad cough).
#Who was busy with 3 boys of his own# (He was a Catholic Priest).
#They were 4 men living all together, yet they were all alone.# (Technically, they were involved in a Housing Benefit scam, claiming 4 Housing Benefits for one property).
#Until one day when this lady met this fellow.# (“Fellow” Victorian term for Chappie).
#And she knew that it was much more than a hunch.# (Until then, he had carefully concealed his back problem with his full-face profile picture on Tinder).
#That this group must somehow form a family# (“Somehow”? Marriage, perhaps?)
#And that’s the way they all became The Brady Bunch.#
And they all lived happily ever after, terrorising the council estates. Every day, scared neighbours would peer out from behind net curtains and say: “There goes The Brady Bunch.”
So now you know. Don’t say I don’t teach you anything.
Yep, my solitary lock-down is going very well, thanks.

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