Hostile Hotel

I had booked a ticket to see Simply Red in concert in a seaside town and decided I’d like an overnight stay in a hotel afterwards. I visited the town three weeks beforehand and saw a hotel I liked the… Read More ›

The Masked Singer

I’ve recently been spending my Saturday nights watching The Masked Singer .In the first series, the audience got removed after shouting “Take it off!” and left the studio without knowing the singer’s identity to save any social media spoiler alerts…. Read More ›

The Brady Bunch

During the lock-down, with my lad grown up and living away, I haven’t had to deal with entertaining the kids, so I can’t imagine what it would be like for families like The Brady Bunch.For those who don’t remember The… Read More ›

The Coronavirus

I’m no Super forecaster (although I fit the description of “social misfit and weirdo”), and despite what the Health Secretary says or doesn’t say for fear of causing mass hysteria, I predict with the oncoming Coronavirus that by late March,… Read More ›

Shocking Award Ceremonies

The Brit Awards are not aimed at my age demographic. Luckily, TV executives commissioned “Walking With Dinosaurs” to cater for my need to see and relive my childhood.But I watch the awards anyway solely in the hope that something unexpected… Read More ›

Fatal Attraction

After 11 years, spawning 8 marriages and 6 babies, ITV announced their Saturday night dating show, Take Me Out is being cancelled.With viewing figures dropping, youngsters decided they didn’t “likey” it anymore and preferred spending Saturday evenings in the aisle… Read More ›

Real Life Drama

It’s difficult to trawl through the tv channels without stumbling across a fly on the wall, real-life documentary series.From the helpful and informative GPs Behind Closed Doors to the excellent 24 Hours in Police Custody and the absolute rubbish, Binmen.Channel… Read More ›

Strictly Dumb Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing returned last weekend and I remember that, as a child, Come Dancing was a favourite programme of my mum’s that I “endured”, along with her other favourites – Crossroads and Coronation Street.But I tenuously owe my very… Read More ›