Shocking Award Ceremonies

The Brit Awards are not aimed at my age demographic. Luckily, TV executives commissioned “Walking With Dinosaurs” to cater for my need to see and relive my childhood.
But I watch the awards anyway solely in the hope that something unexpected happens – like when Jarvis Cocker upstaged Michael Jackson or Madonna tumbled off stage with a wardrobe malfunction. These were things you had to witness for those next day “water cooler moments”.
Today, most things that were once considered shocking at music award ceremonies have become the norm. Someone in an outlandish outfit (obvious), someone trashing their drum kit (yawn), someone swearing (standard), someone using their music to make a political point (fair enough).
So now, the most shocking thing is that very few winners seem to know how to deliver a thank you acceptance speech as they seem either overcome with emotion or copious amounts of free alcohol that turns them into bumbling, gibbering wrecks.
How difficult is it to say thank you to those who voted for you, your family and friends and your management team who made your success possible without going completely off script and embarrassing yourself? Surely, you owe these people those 45 seconds?
Surely, if you know in advance that you are up for an award, you will at least have something measured and coherent prepared in advance in case you win.
And it must be easier to write a short thank you speech than an acclaimed song.
As a teenager, I once won an annual school award for “The Best Achievement In Work.” Collecting my trophy from my English teacher, I was overcome with shock and crying with emotion.
In my defence, that was simply because I genuinely didn’t know such an award existed because I never paid attention in end of the year award assemblies, probably because I was sat at the back still studiously copying all the work of my classmates?

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