Fatal Attraction

After 11 years, spawning 8 marriages and 6 babies, ITV announced their Saturday night dating show, Take Me Out is being cancelled.
With viewing figures dropping, youngsters decided they didn’t “likey” it anymore and preferred spending Saturday evenings in the aisle of Nando’s than on the Isle of Fernandos.
Other Saturday night dating shows have also fallen by the wayside. There was a revamped Mr & Mrs show, where couples had to answer 3 random multiple-choice questions each about their partner and if their answers corresponded, they’d win a cash prize.
The questions would be ridiculously easy, like: “Which of these things did your husband say he preferred doing at weekends? (1) Fishing with his mates, (2) shopping with you or (3) getting run over by trucks?”
But still women got them wrong by ridiculously choosing the answer 2 when it was clearly answer 1.
Blind Date was extremely popular during my youth. It was the programme everyone watched on Saturday nights whilst preparing to go out for the evening whilst hoping that none of the poorly dressed, desperate, egotistical contestants lived anywhere nearby.
My nearest real-life experience of blind dating was when I went “speed dating” and found everyone high on crystal meth. They’d clearly misinterpreted the poster.
Undeterred, my 2nd genuine speed-dating attempt was also very strange. It was like a small game of musical chairs where you had just 3 minutes to “interrogate” the person opposite before moving onto the next one.
Imagine my dismay when every woman asked me if I owned my own home, did I have a good job, what was my salary and did I drive? Now, admittedly, they all have a relevance when assessing a potential partner but I was hoping that whether I was kind, caring, honest and loyal were more immediately important than being financially stable.
And only appearing on dating show Naked Attraction would’ve been more of an eye-opener.


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