Mother’s Day Drawings

With Mother’s Day approaching, many children celebrate the occasion by drawing pictures of their mums. As a child, I did likewise. The hair colour rules were simple. You’d use a black crayon if your mum had black hair. Brown crayon… Read More ›

Shocking Award Ceremonies

The Brit Awards are not aimed at my age demographic. Luckily, TV executives commissioned “Walking With Dinosaurs” to cater for my need to see and relive my childhood.But I watch the awards anyway solely in the hope that something unexpected… Read More ›

Last Christmas

The film Last Christmas was recently released in the UK and is tenuously based on the Wham song of the same name. Unfortunately, for me, that song brings back some painful memories of a failed teenage relationship. During my college… Read More ›

Give Them A Break

People say your schooldays are the best days of your life. My best times at school were 10.45, 12.30 and 2pm because these were breaktimes.But a recent ongoing survey states that breaktimes for children have actually decreased over the past… Read More ›