Valentine’s Day Gifts

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many shops are promoting a broad range of gifts for our partners.
They think that traditional gifts like perfume, chocolates and flowers for women are bland and predictable.
The gift of wine is being replaced by wine tasting weekends, and make-up and vanity cases by expensive make-overs or pampering weekends with relaxing spas and full body massage.
Personal or digital photo frames are replaced with professional studio photo shoots, and sexy lingerie strangely replaced by comfortable onesies.
Is it any wonder men often get present buying wrong?
Guys learn very quickly never to buy kitchenware as gifts. So think carefully before investing in the recently popular and trendy waffle, popcorn or candyfloss makers or chocolate fountain.
Shops also suggest that men don’t want expensive aftershave, male grooming products, Calvin Klein underwear, gold chains and watches – Newsflash! We never did – and that we’d rather go for an exhilarating drive around Brands Hatch or an adrenaline rushing skydive. Newsflash! We don’t!
Nor do we wish to go on a surfing, snowboarding or flying lesson and definitely not on a hot-air balloon trip in February.
We secretly hate “lovingly engraved” beer tankards, Zippo lighters and hip flasks and will never use them. Nor use a Newton’s Cradle or mini travel fridge.
And please don’t buy us anything preceded with the word “Novelty.”
We hate “novelty” mugs, boxers and socks because we know the word “novelty” means “sad.”
And just because we like Batman and Superman, we don’t really want to wear their dressing gowns and slippers. Although I did see an inflatable Ghostbusters Stay Puft suit that I’d gladly wear.
And much as we behave like children, don’t buy us a day out at Monster Trucks, panoramic jigsaw puzzles or a Missile Firing Helicopter Drone.
So, what should we buy each other for Valentine’s day? Purses and wallets to put in all the money we saved by not buying these useless presents.


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