Many surveys have shown that men and women shop differently.
Men are more likely to go shopping with a list and like to get in and out of a store as quickly as possible.
We are less likely to impulse buy unless we go to Aldi, where we will go in for groceries but also come out with a patio heater and ski wear for those “just in case” moments that never arrive.
Alternatively, women are more likely to dither over the size of bananas and pay for 37p biscuits with a credit card.
They’re also more likely to totally abandon their shopping trollies askew in the aisles whilst they chase around the store looking for something they’ve forgotten because they never had a “man list.”
My worst nightmare is going clothes shopping with my girlfriend in Primark. I will spend hours following her up and down and from side to side of every aisle watching other guys doing exactly the same thing with their partners. It’s like being involved in a real-life giant game of Pac-man.
And to prove it, when you finally reach the top of the escalator, there is a sign that says: “Level 2.”
Then she’ll try on all the outfits in different sizes “just in case” and all the colours “just in case.” Just in case of what?
I have spent hours waiting for her outside the ladies changing rooms in the Lingerie Department uncomfortably holding her handbag and being looked at like I’m Kellie Maloney.
Lately, I’ve taken to standing outside the store and nodding sagely at the other guys waiting for their partners to come out of their Primark crèche.
Waiting for your partner to appear from the Primark door is like waiting for your luggage to appear from an airport carousel. When they do, you grab them and run before they get the chance to go around again.
And if that isn’t bad enough, you then have to offer to carry their shopping and resemble Buckaroo!

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