The Nutella Riots

Recently, throughout France, violent riots broke out in a chain of supermarkets after they reduced the price of Nutella by 70% from £3.90 a jar to £1.40.One woman had her hair pulled out, another suffered a black eye and a… Read More ›

Shopping In Savers

I’ve recently had some very strange experiences when shopping in Savers.Firstly, in my defiant mood of being charged 5p for carrier bags in shops, I cleverly decided to buy a pack of 40 small carrier bags from Savers for 79p… Read More ›

Hopping Mad

I recently went to buy a pair of trainers, unaware how complicated that simple task now is.Having perused the large and colourful array of footwear on the shelves of Sports Direct, I chose a trainer (size 10) and handed it… Read More ›


Many surveys have shown that men and women shop differently.Men are more likely to go shopping with a list and like to get in and out of a store as quickly as possible.We are less likely to impulse buy unless… Read More ›