I had arranged to meet my lad in a neighbouring town after he had finished work to go to the cinema together. I decided to get to the town early by train so as I could have a mooch around…. Read More ›

Tanning Salons

My High Street is about to get a new Tanning Salon in a prime location – the corner of the High Street and the first shop you see when arriving from the train station and between McDonald’s and Wetherspoons. It’s… Read More ›

Bubs In Pubs

There are many things adults shouldn’t do whilst under the influence of alcohol. Operate heavy machinery, drive cars, embarrassingly post on social media or cowardly dump their partners by text.Following some unruly behaviour (I’m guessing crayoning “devil” on their children’s… Read More ›

Real Life Drama

It’s difficult to trawl through the tv channels without stumbling across a fly on the wall, real-life documentary series.From the helpful and informative GPs Behind Closed Doors to the excellent 24 Hours in Police Custody and the absolute rubbish, Binmen.Channel… Read More ›

Snack Attack

One recent proposal by the departing UK’s Chief Medical Officer to reduce the problem of childhood obesity was to ban snacking on public transport.But there are no details as to how this could be properly policed and enforced. Will people… Read More ›

Space Clangers

Last week celebrated 50 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. No one can remember the name of the 3rd pilot who was too tired to get out of the spaceship after driving all that way,… Read More ›

Ruff Justice

From September 10th, Wetherspoon’s have decided to ban dogs from its pubs. Apparently, it’s also blanket ban which means it will probably affect dogs, babies and elderly ladies as they all love wearing blankets in pubs.Wetherspoon’s claim the reason for… Read More ›

Writing Wrongs

Lifestyle magazine, Vice, recently complained that the Edinburgh café where JK Rowling famously wrote her Harry Potter stories has become an ugly tourist attraction where people dressed as wizards congregate in awe and worship.As someone who has written 20 funny… Read More ›


After some Saturday evening shopping with the girlfriend, we decided to go directly to Wetherspoons.Outside, 5 Doormen carried out a bag check. In my girlfriend’s bag were a new pack of stockings which we could’ve used to pull over our… Read More ›