I had arranged to meet my lad in a neighbouring town after he had finished work to go to the cinema together. I decided to get to the town early by train so as I could have a mooch around…. Read More ›

Stupid Local News

With The Coronavirus dominating all the international news headlines, I was surprised and intrigued to see today that the front-page story of my local newspaper reported a plane crash.However, the story is about a model aeroplane that crashed into a… Read More ›

Flights Of Fancy

In 2005, Ketty Maisonrouge decided she wanted to explore space. After rejecting an offer from Julia Bradbury to hike across the Sheppey Marshes, she instead, purchased a £190,500 ticket to board a Virgin Galactic space shuttle to fly into low… Read More ›

Snack Attack

One recent proposal by the departing UK’s Chief Medical Officer to reduce the problem of childhood obesity was to ban snacking on public transport.But there are no details as to how this could be properly policed and enforced. Will people… Read More ›

Bigmouth Strikes Again!

Something strange happens to people when they board public transport. They inexplicably talk louder. People sat mere inches away from each other, start shouting as if they’re in a wind tunnel.It’s impossible to leave a bus or train without knowing… Read More ›