Flights Of Fancy

In 2005, Ketty Maisonrouge decided she wanted to explore space. After rejecting an offer from Julia Bradbury to hike across the Sheppey Marshes, she instead, purchased a £190,500 ticket to board a Virgin Galactic space shuttle to fly into low orbit for 5 minutes to become one of the first space tourists. I bet she’s pleased she bought that ticket early whilst it was still cheap.
Fancy having a 15-year life plan. I don’t even know what I’m doing in the next 15 minutes.
Virgin Galactic are hoping to become the first private company to begin the “90 minute all round” space tourists flights this year with Richard Branson being on the first trip. Also booked to fly is Justin Bieber. How unlucky would you be to pay over £190,000 to find yourself sat next to him?
Last November the passengers were fitted for their specially designed sporty spacesuits and they’ll have to attend a 3 day training course to prepare them for the flight, learning things like: “How to breathe without oxygen, how to catch and eat your floating jacket potato and “how to survive in the Atlantic Ocean” should you plummet from the sky.
During the flight the pilot will say that by looking out the left window, you can see a knackered old satellite and Star Trek’s Mr Scott’s actual ashes and by looking out the right, you can see Orion and the astronomical pile of money JK Rowling has made. By looking down, you won’t see The Great Wall Of China but you will see members leaving your local WeightWatchers Class.
Helen Sharman, the first Briton in space claimed that aliens exist and is convinced they are among us on Earth. Interestingly, she didn’t say this after her 1991 space venture but after a recent trip to Tesco’s.
Maybe if we could all Crowdfund £190,500, just to send Justin Bieber into space and leave him there they wouldn’t visit us again?


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