Noah And God

The following is a conversation between Noah and God… Noah: I was watching the weather forecast with that Thomas, Tomas, Tomasz Schafercake…? Louise Lear and she said there’s gonna be a massive flood. Something to do with Global Warming. I… Read More ›

Dirty Laundry

Whirlpool issued a January product recall on 519,000 washing machines (my own included) after 79 machines had their door locking mechanisms catch fire.Meanwhile, owners were advised not to use their machines over the Christmas period, causing much concern for large… Read More ›

Last Christmas

The film Last Christmas was recently released in the UK and is tenuously based on the Wham song of the same name. Unfortunately, for me, that song brings back some painful memories of a failed teenage relationship. During my college… Read More ›

Weighty Issues

After over-indulging in Christmas festivities, many people will make a new year’s resolution to join a slimming club.There’s a definite comfort in joining like-minded, supportive people with a shared goal who are being led and advised by someone who definitely… Read More ›

Nativity Nightmares

In my first role in a nativity play, I played a triangle. Not literally, it wasn’t a nativity play with a ‘geometric shape theme.’ Jesus wasn’t a rhombus.I held the tiny metal instrument and diligently dinged it at the change… Read More ›

Christmas Card Dilemmas

Today, I received my first Christmas card. I don’t know whether to applaud this person’s brilliant organisational skills or wonder if they’ve a desperate need to be liked?I’m now morally obliged to speedily send a card back in case delaying… Read More ›

New Year’s Peeve

New Year’s Eve – A day where all amateur drinkers enter pubs at midday, get embarrassingly drunk and stay until midnight with the sole intention to spoil the fun for others.Okay, that’s not quite the Oxford English Dictionary definition but… Read More ›

Inaction Man

As a child, I’d often sit transfixed by the television adverts and marvel at the spectacular toys on offer and, like many children, nag relentlessly to my parents to buy them for me for Christmas.One year, Action Man underwent a… Read More ›

Christmas Cards

For me, Christmas stress starts when you decide to send Christmas cards.Firstly, there’s the embarrassment you feel when you always hand over £10 to buy twenty 2nd class stamps and wait patiently for change before the cashier asks for more… Read More ›