Dirty Laundry

Whirlpool issued a January product recall on 519,000 washing machines (my own included) after 79 machines had their door locking mechanisms catch fire.
Meanwhile, owners were advised not to use their machines over the Christmas period, causing much concern for large families who instantly clicked on Google Search to painstakingly locate their nearest launderette, proving that some people still like to wash their dirty laundry in public.
Others took their smelly washing along with their presents around to their non affected relatives to wash for them. Because nothing says Christmas like a Monopoly set and a pile of stinking laundry.
But, when I looked at the figures of 79 faulty washing machines out of 519,000 and multiplied that figure by the gazillions of washes, I decided that I’d wash my clothes anyway because I’m the kind of idiot who takes unnecessary risks – like eating After Eight mints at 7.50.
I also reasoned that I live alone. It takes a week for me to get a full wash load and I then use the one-hour eco-programme so I’m reducing the likelihood of my machine overheating and catching fire.
But washing machine technology isn’t in my skill-set so please ignore my own stupidity and follow the manufacturer’s advice.
But I’ve never understood those people who put their washing on, go away, watch a box set of Game of Thrones and come back to find their washing still rinsing.
How dirty are people’s clothes that they need a multi-hour wash? I used to hate those washing powder adverts where the woman would hold up white t-shirts, point at the stains and say: “Look at this. Baked beans, tomato ketchup, gravy, chocolate sauce. How can I get these white?”
And I’d think, just get your husband to eat properly, you wouldn’t have that problem.
Anyway, as compensation, Whirlpool are offering free door repairs or a free replacement washing machine. Methinks the latter would be a nice belated Christmas present.
Happy new year, everyone.

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