War Songs

I really hate the thought of getting old.
Whenever I see news footage of the elderly in old people’s homes having a sing song, it’s always bloody war songs. Chelsea Pensioners yesterday singing “Well meet again” again.
Surely, by now the generation of people wanting these songs have died off?
My dad was 90. He wasn’t a big fan of war songs. He preferred Elvis and early rock ‘n’ roll, Sinatra, the crooners, some country/western and more contemporary 50’s and 60’s stuff.
Surely old people are of an age now where they prefer that too?
Stop reminding them of the miserable war. Give them something to smile about. No wonder old people are miserable. Wouldn’t you be after getting falsely promised that you’ll have a fun night in the communal lounge and then being fed Battenburg Cake and forced to listen to “The White Cliffs Of Dover.”?
If you’ve ever been there, you’ll know it’s not a great location to sing about and explains why the follow up “Hoorah For Dymchurch” was pulled.
I know there was a war on, there was rationing and that’s why they only had two singers and only four songs to listen to for six years but that’s no excuse.
Also, they’ll more likely be healthier as they’ll be up and moving about, dancing to Elvis (until they dislocate their hips), instead of listening to Gracie Fields dirges in their Dumbo floppy eared chairs and hitting balloons with sticks.
I’ve seen the future. It’s not pretty.
How long is this gonna last? Will our generation have to put up with this?
If I go in a home (possibly next week) and they start playing bloody war songs at me instead of uplifting Morrissey I’m having a good ruckus.
If I’m dying, I’m not having family around the bed singing “We’ll meet again,” or “Good-Bye-ee” because I’m not having morbid sarcasm. They can piss off.
Put on some Bunnymen, Suede, Vaccines or Killers or any Britpop and I’ll be fine.
Just putting it out there.
End of rant. “Tablets, nurse…”

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