War Songs

I really hate the thought of getting old.Whenever I see news footage of the elderly in old people’s homes having a sing song, it’s always bloody war songs. Chelsea Pensioners yesterday singing “Well meet again” again.Surely, by now the generation… Read More ›

Bubs In Pubs

There are many things adults shouldn’t do whilst under the influence of alcohol. Operate heavy machinery, drive cars, embarrassingly post on social media or cowardly dump their partners by text.Following some unruly behaviour (I’m guessing crayoning “devil” on their children’s… Read More ›

Strictly Dumb Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing returned last weekend and I remember that, as a child, Come Dancing was a favourite programme of my mum’s that I “endured”, along with her other favourites – Crossroads and Coronation Street.But I tenuously owe my very… Read More ›

Driving Me Mad

Imagine my surprise when an 86-year-old man phoned me to say he was interested in buying my late dad’s mobility scooter for his partially sighted son.I immediately thought that he may have fewer accidents on it than my dad –… Read More ›

Electric Shocker

I dare say before my dad died he thought he had most of his post-life financial affairs covered. But he couldn’t have envisaged the unnecessary and complicated problems I encountered when trying to pay his final electricity bill.I phoned EDF,… Read More ›


Visiting my semi-conscious, gravely ill dad in Medway hospital, I fought back many tears to say these following last words to him…“If this is you “playing the cards you’re dealt” (his favourite idiom on life) then it looks like you… Read More ›

Delirious Dad

With my dad still very poorly in Medway, I’ve been making more hospital visits than Noel Edmonds does over Christmas. Every visit has become more unpredictable and bizarre as dad’s become more delusional.When I visited him yesterday, he told me… Read More ›

Emergency Talks

Last week my frail and weak, elderly dad pulled his red helpline cord at his sheltered housing accommodation. The Lifeline operator called me to say that an ambulance had been sent because my dad was having trouble getting out of… Read More ›