I’ve never understood people who insist you remove your shoes when entering their homes.
What’s that all about?
Most have had their carpets laid down for years, you’re hardly going to ruin them with leather/rubber/plastic footwear.
It’s not like your shoes have been soled with screwdrivers and nails, nor likely that you’ve accidentally arrived wearing your football boots or that you’ve acquired an unreasonable amount of gum or dog mess on your shoes without noticing, is it?
What’s up with these people?
Sorry if I’ve disturbed the equilibrium of your carpet fibres with my shoes but that’s better than me ruining your evening as you get constantly distracted mid-conversation by my emergency novelty SpongeBob socks.
Maybe next time I’ll borrow some of those elasticated plastic shoes surgeons wear in theatre? Maybe I could borrow a gown and a face mask and scrub up to your satisfaction before entering your ridiculously sanitised bubble?
Perhaps you’d like me to remove my shirt in case it interferes with the pattern of your curtains?
If it really bothers you, why not just hoover after I’ve visited you? It’s no effort, is it? Or why can’t you just can’t buy an outside doormat and get people to use that? Job done.
Also, carpets are designed to be durable and hard wearing. How rubbish would your carpet be if it couldn’t take a leather shoe? Yet you’ll gladly drag a hulking leather sofa from a dirty delivery van onto it.
Some people say: “Take your shoes off otherwise it’s like bringing the garden inside.” Well, it’s not, is it? My shoes aren’t covered in leaves, nor hiding a fox.
If it was a tradition like in China, or if my friends were cobblers or had a shoe or sock fetish, I could understand it.
I’ve always removed my shoes when asked out of respect. I just don’t understand how much longer a carpet last when socks are worn on it instead of shoes. I think people just buy a new carpet when they want one and not because it’s worn out quicker because people wore shoes on it. I’m not sure what they are preserving really.


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