Britain’s Got No Talent

I wish I was born in the era when only the talented became famous. People who could act, sing, dance or play instruments. There’s a reason why they were called stars.
Nowadays people are famous for getting on with their daily working lives or just sitting at home and watching the tv. How can you possibly fail a Gogglebox audition? How rubbish can you be at watching television?
Television has ridiculously dumbed-down. Today, tv crews will just randomly follow people around aimlessly to provide cheap entertainment and hope something vaguely interesting happens – or create a storyline for the tortuously dull to act out.
Consequently, we are left with people appearing on shows with “celebrity” in the title, without knowing who they are as they make a comfortable living under false pretences.
There’s a reason why members of the public were once only allowed to appear on television to play the Yes/No game – and even that proved too difficult for some. We’d been warned.
I blame Hughie Green.
What the hell was he thinking holding a national television talent show where people bashed dustbin lids over their bodies or played a tune from a comb wrapped in tracing paper?
It gave people ideas above their station. People were happy digging coal until then.
Suddenly, everybody wanted to be on tv and bizarrely, could be so, regardless of any recognisable talent.
The X Factor is littered with people who’ve been told they can sing by their partially deaf granny, ignoring the fact grannies will love you unconditionally, even if you stole their life savings.
I’ve appeared on 15 to 1. I was on screen for 8 minutes. If everyone gets “15 minutes of fame,” I have 7 minutes left to prove that I wasn’t as stupid as I appeared to be on that show – or give those minutes to another talentless wannabe?
Must admit, I wasn’t happy when even the people on Gogglebox said I was rubbish.


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