Backward People On Trains

I’ve never understood the weird people who refuse to travel backwards on trains.
Whilst commuting yesterday, a lady said to her friend: “I cannot sit travelling backwards on trains” and insisted on swapping seats.
Now, I’ll admit that travelling forwards is marginally better because you can see where you are going and not where you’ve been which is more comforting for the brain to compute.
However, the excuse normally given for not travelling backwards is because “sitting with their back to the engine makes them feel sick.”
Which is fine, except it’s an excuse still given when some people are sitting in Carriage No.8 which is about a quarter of a mile from the engine.
So how can an electric engine that far away have any effect on the constitution of your stomach or make you feel queasy…?
In practice, how does this work? What sorcery is this…?
When they’re travelling on the underground with its side-facing seats do they only feel half sick? Do they get sick on the right or left-hand side of their stomachs depending which side of the aisle they are sitting in?
Did these same people refuse to travel in their grandad’s 1970’s Skoda because it had the engine in the back or did they sit on the front passenger seat like Christine Keeler facing the back? Or, given the temperamental nature of the car back then, did they, like most people, just get out and push it so it never became an issue?
Similarly, do they ever blame their nonsense medical condition for their failure to become a Formula One racing driver?
Can they not use a hair-dryer on the back of their head without vomiting?
Or do people just like to make up perceived ailments for fun? Surely, it’s just best to say you prefer to see where you’re going and sit facing forwards than making up some baloney about being ill?
That’s what makes me sick, anyway.


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