Shopping In Savers

I’ve recently had some very strange experiences when shopping in Savers.
Firstly, in my defiant mood of being charged 5p for carrier bags in shops, I cleverly decided to buy a pack of 40 small carrier bags from Savers for 79p to save money in the long term. Because with age comes weirdly perceived wisdom.
I paid at the checkout and the guy asked me if I’d like a carrier bag?
“Well, no, clearly not as I’ve just bought 40” was the reply I never used.
What the hell was he thinking?
The following week a scruffy guy entered the shop and asked the cashier which were the free sample male fragrances on the counter?
The lady showed him and he promptly picked one up, liberally sprayed his neck and clothes with it, walked out of the shop and returned to his sleeping bag on the pavement because just because you’re homeless, it doesn’t mean you can’t smell great, apparently…?
Then there were 3 women shopping together – but separately (keep up) and they arrived at the Savers till with 3 different shopping baskets. So far, so normal, so annoying.
One of the women was offered a free sample of perfume and sprayed it on her neck and got the other two women to smell it.
The second one, sprayed the same perfume on her own neck and got the other two to smell it.
And then the third one does the same thing.
I’m not sure if I’m being stupid but does the same perfume smell different on different necks?
I don’t think so, so what’s the point? Why were they smelling the same perfume over and over again?
And yesterday I was asked if I’d “like to smell David Beckham?” Must admit, it wasn’t on my list of things to do when I woke up that morning but David was okay about it, so I joined the queue of men doing likewise.


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