Last week one lucky person in America won 590 million pounds on the Powerball Lottery at odds of 292,000,000 to 1. – the same odds I got on QPR winning a cup tie.
I wondered what I’d do if I won such a large sum of money, apart from not turn up to receive the cheque if it was presented by Katie Price.
I’m not very materialistic and, no matter how much I enjoy sleeping, I’m not going to buy an 18-bedroom mansion.
I’m not going to wear Armani suits, shop at Harrods or lunch at The Savoy, if I can dress comfortably in shirts, jeans and trainers, shop at Aldi and eat fish ‘n’ chips. The only yacht I’d buy would be to put in the bath.
I’m not totally averse to money and I’d still live comfortably and indulge in some minor luxuries – I may eat at Nando’s? – but I don’t see that having vast wealth means that I’d have to be extravagant or lead a lifestyle that is alien or uncomfortable to me.
I could go on a world cruise but then where would I go the following year?
My only “extravagance” would be a season ticket to watch QPR – even though they don’t come and see me when I’m bad.
I certainly wouldn’t give any money to a cats’ home. Since when have you known a cat to buy anything useful?
Money cannot buy you everything. It cannot buy the rich and famous dress sense, it couldn’t buy the late Bruce Forsyth a decent wig and it can’t buy you love.
The chances of winning big are miniscule. In many years of playing the lottery most people have barely won much. So maybe, if people really want to become rich, they should just put their lottery ticket money into a piggy bank every week and open it 30 years later?
Surely, not so much a lottery…?


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