The One Show Theme Tune

Hum the theme tune to EastEnders. Now hum the theme tunes to Coronation Street and Emmerdale. Easy, wasn’t it?
Television theme tunes have to be catchy, instantly recognisable and easy to remember.
To help in EastEnders’ case, the BBC quickly put lyrics to the EastEnders theme and hired its’ “star of the day”, Anita Dobson to sing it and it reached No.4 in the pop charts.
Now, those of us of a certain age, cannot hear the opening bars of the programme without mentally singing “Anyone Can Fall In Love” or, in my case, “Anyone Can Fall Downstairs.”
One of the most popular television shows of recent times is The One Show which has the most ridiculously simple, catchy and annoying theme tune going. It’s simply impossible to forget.
But one can’t help thinking it was created by accident rather than design.
I think the producers sat around a table and said: “Right, we’ve commissioned a new weekday show at 7 o’clock on BBC1. We couldn’t be bothered to spend a budget on market research for an interesting title so we had a secret ballot in the office of five people and came up with The One Show – Although, Oney McOneshow came a close second.
“We’re gonna need a theme tune. Chumbers, you’re the only songwriter left in the office, go out and come up with something by tomorrow morning.”
But Chumbers spent all day in the pub to get his creative juices flowing. Unfortunately, that day, the only juices flowing were tonics into his vodka.
The next day at the meeting he was asked to sing what he had come up with, stared at the page number atop his otherwise blank sheet of paper, squinted at it and slurred “One. Der, der, der, der, der” before passing out and sliding off his chair and under the table.
And, with nothing else to choose from, the rest, as they say, is history.


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