Hair Today

Whilst in the chemist, I noticed the wide variety of shampoos for different types of hair and thought surely hair is just hair?
Apparently, not.
You can buy shampoo for “normal” hair – whatever that is? Does that mean that are people walking around with “abnormal” hair?
I don’t know. I’ve seen some people with some strange partings, if that counts? Is the reason there is no shampoo for “abnormal” hair solely because no one would admit to having “abnormal” hair and so wouldn’t buy it?
Surely not, because there are shampoos for “oily” and “greasy” hair and people openly buy them, admitting their oil and grease problem to all the world.
There is also shampoo for “shiny” hair. Just how bright is people’s “shiny” hair? Do they have to wear big hats at night in case aeroplanes mistake them for a runway and land on their head? If they stand on a cliff will ships keep their distance in case they crash onto rocks?
And there are shampoos for “damaged” hair – presumably hair that has been pulled occasionally or has gone through a series of traumatic and failed relationships with other hairs leaving it unable to cope with the day-to-day fallout and emotional stress.
I have absolutely no idea how “baby” shampoo sells because most babies don’t go shopping and, if they did, the shelf would be too high for them to reach it.
According to Wikipedia – yes, I do research – there are only 4 types of hair, which makes me think shampoo manufacturers are lying to us. Surely, not?
There is straight, wavy, coiled (curly) and kinky – which probably explains why some women keep their hair tied up?
If all of the above is too confusing for you than buying “clarifying” shampoo may help.
Me? I’m just waiting for the right shampoo to come onto the market for my own hair problem… When will they invent a shampoo for permanent “bed” hair?


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