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  • Driving Me Stupid

    I often regret not learning to drive when I young and at college. But I probably spent 90% of my student life over the legal alcohol limit to render the notion of driving absurd.I did drive a bright red sports… Read More ›

  • Dryathlon

    Cancer Research UK are asking people to address their Christmas over-indulgences by giving up drinking alcohol in January and raise money for their medical research by signing up for Dryathlon.5 million Britons took part last year.The Cancer Research UK Alcohol… Read More ›

  • New Year’s Resolution

    This year, I decided my New Year’s Resolution would be to take up do-it-yourself.My meagre DIY skills are: (a) I can wire a plug – a bit useless as every electrical item now comes with a plug attached, (b) change… Read More ›

  • New Year’s Peeve

    New Year’s Eve – A day where all amateur drinkers enter pubs at midday, get embarrassingly drunk and stay until midnight with the sole intention to spoil the fun for others.Okay, that’s not quite the Oxford English Dictionary definition but… Read More ›

  • Inaction Man

    As a child, I’d often sit transfixed by the television adverts and marvel at the spectacular toys on offer and, like many children, nag relentlessly to my parents to buy them for me for Christmas.One year, Action Man underwent a… Read More ›

  • Christmas Cards

    For me, Christmas stress starts when you decide to send Christmas cards.Firstly, there’s the embarrassment you feel when you always hand over £10 to buy twenty 2nd class stamps and wait patiently for change before the cashier asks for more… Read More ›

  • Demon Barbers

    My barber recently retired and my quest to find a good replacement has proved very difficult.He was like a friend. If we talked about the price of beer, the headlines on his well-thumbed complimentary newspaper and the fortunes of our… Read More ›

  • Advent Calendars

    Ah, Advent Calendars – your days are numbered.Well, maybe not…Invented in Germany and later popularised by Cadbury’s in 1958, the advent calendar has become a Christmas staple.Recently, cunning marketing executives have seen a window – or door – of opportunity… Read More ›

  • Not The Marrying Kind

    I could never marry Nigella Lawson.Every night she’d sneak out of bed to raid the fridge. How bad would it be to come down stairs every morning and find out all your Rice Krispies have been used to make biscuits?Why… Read More ›

  • It’s Hard To Make Up

    At five-years-old I once went into my mum’s bedroom to try on her high heels but this was just to see what it would be like to be taller than my siblings, than any Eddie Izzard cross-dressing tendencies.It was a… Read More ›