Pampered Pets

Whilst on a train coming into London Victoria, I noticed a sign saying Battersea Dogs And Cats Home. That’s good news, I thought. I didn’t know they’d been away.
Their owners must have loved them lots as the sign was massive and could be seen from a couple of miles away.
It got me thinking just how much some people love their pets.
For example, my neighbour bought her cat an indoor scratching post. After two weeks, she realised her cat wasn’t using it and so went out and bought it a better one. The cat didn’t use that either. She went on to buy six scratching posts and the cat used none of them.
Had her cat gone up to her and complained of feeling a bit itchy, I could understand it but it hadn’t, so what was she thinking?
Some people like to pamper their dogs and buy them a variety of jackets, even though evolution suggest that their fur coats offer them ample natural warmth. Others go a step further and buy them doggy boots to stop them burning their paws on hot pavements and some will wrap their dogs in doggy bags and carry them around as a fashion accessory.
Which begs the question are these acts borne out of love or stupidity?
They wouldn’t try to put a warm jacket on a polar bear or sandals on a kangaroo, nor attempt to carry a giraffe in a Gucci bag, so why embarrass their dogs with these things?
And they would be embarrassed because other dogs would notice and laugh at them in the same way other kids laughed at you when your parents bought embarrassing clothes for you as a teenager.
Many people prefer the company of animals to humans and this is often demonstrated when people leave large monetary donations in their wills to the RSPCA or to the Battersea Cats And Dogs.
And that’s probably why their owners can afford such massive signs to publicly announce their return home.


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