Treading On The Beatles

Life is all about opinions and I have one opinion that I usually suppress for fear of the controversy and outrage it may cause.
I don’t like The Beatles.
There, I’ve said it out loud. I just don’t think they were that good.
For example, their song “Love Me Do.” It isn’t brilliant. For supposedly great writers, it isn’t even grammatically correct.
No one has ever said “love me do” to anyone, ever and if I were sitting on the sofa and said, “love me do” to my fiancée, she’d look at me strangely and say “whaaaat?” and think I’ve gone all weirdly Shakespearian.
Worse, a couple of years later they released the song “A Hard Day’s Night.” Again, this doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and you’d think their management would tell them to call it a day (not a day’s night) and put a stop to this nonsense because they clearly cannot write proper sentences.
But no, they let them continue and they insulted our senses with the ludicrous lines “We all live in a yellow submarine” (surely, I’d know?) and “I am the walrus” (and I’m David Attenborough).
Okay, some people take hallucinogenic substances to help with their creativity and some songwriters will write stuff down whilst under the influence of such drugs.
But surely, when you’ve come down from your ‘high’, you wake up, look at what you’ve written and say that’s rubbish? You don’t release it to the public in the hope that it sounds as amazing as it seemed in your head when you were stoned out of your mind? What the hell were they thinking?
And I always thought that if you’d taken drugs, you weren’t allowed to operate machinery, so how were they ever allowed in a recording studio? I daren’t operate a microwave after a couple of pints.
I know it flies in the face of popular opinion but I just don’t understand the hype. And no, I don’t need “Help!” I hate that song too.


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