Energy Drinks

I am often surprised at how many empty energy drink cans I see strewn across the pavements. I assume they aren’t very good because it seems that anyone who drinks them still hasn’t got the energy to walk to the nearest street bin.
I don’t remember there being a need for energy drinks when I was a child as I seemed to have an endless supply of natural energy for anything I wanted to do.
And when that energy supply was used up, I rested or went to bed. At no point did I think what I really need now is more energy.
I don’t think any parents with very young children want their kids to have more energy as, since the apparent banning of child-reins, they seem to spend most days running after their kids and screaming things like: “Why do you always run into shops I hate, like Toys ‘R’ Us? Why is it never Primark?”
To be honest, apart from riding scooters up and down supermarket aisles – when did that become acceptable common behaviour? – I’m not sure today’s kids need energy for anything.
How much energy does it take to endlessly scroll up and down a Facebook page, click on smiley emojis or upload selfies to Snapchat?
Maybe I’m missing something? Maybe it’s truly exhausting?
Morrison’s have spotted that kids don’t need more energy and have rightly imposed an age limit on buying some energy drinks presumably because they don’t want to be implicated in any “Heely related accident” court cases.
Out of curiosity, I’ve only ever tried one energy drink. It didn’t give me “wings” but it did give me instant heart palpitations for a couple of hours. It also gave me a weird kind of head buzz.
Which explains why I’ve never drunk one since…
Until yesterday, when I definitely needed one as I paced the pavement, angrily trying to throw other people’s 127 discarded empty energy drink cans into street bins.


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