I was recently given my food-stuff recycling bins.

Do I look like a guy who waste food? I’m the kind of guy who quite happily licks a plate clean… Obviously, not in public. Not after the Chocolate Nut Sundae Wimpy Bar Incident Of 1987.

On the very rare occasions I have vegetable scrapings, I tend to put them in my regular bin so the probability is I won’t use these new ones.

On the plus side, I do get two new storage boxes for other stuff in my flat.

Outrageous? Well, this is how I see it…

I could spend five minutes a day washing out tins and jars and by the end of the year that is 30 hours of my life. Over one whole day a year. If I live another 20 years, I would have spent 3 weeks, night and day, recycling. Which is fine but I have a rapidly shortening life to get on with.

And, one Trans-Atlantic aeroplane crossing on any given day, waste all the good work I’ve put in and more. So, why should I bother?

And now you’ll say “yes but if everyone thought like you…?” But it would take thousands of me to equal one aeroplane, so deal with that first.

And then you’ll say “but what about your grandchildren and their children etc?” and I’ll say “Sort out aerosols, cars, planes and factory emissions first and then deal with my miserly erosion of the planet. A couple of potato and veg scrapings a week really isn’t going to change much. It might save a hamster in the year 3017?

And when is it going to end? How many different plastic bins and boxes will I see outside cluttering up the planet before I die?

Personally, I’m not too sure that hypocrites, ironically producing and distributing all these non biodegradable plastic bins with rubber wheels is good for the environment.


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