Weather Reporting

Having put all the clocks back last month (in case the Argos CCTV cameras had caught me stealing them) and with the nights drawing in and winter fast approaching, we will soon all have to witness endless tv reporters standing out in all kinds of adverse weather conditions to report on the latest climatic disaster.
They seem to spend most of their winters standing by dangerously swollen rivers; or on windswept beaches with high tides and crashing waves around them or in dense forest amid fallen trees, just to show us what a raging storm looks like.
And then they always say: “The advice is don’t go out unless you really have to.”
I can’t believe their bosses do this to them just to get a story. Why can’t they just sit in a studio until the storm has passed or film it from a nearby building window? I don’t need to see reporters’ lives endangered for the sake of tv ratings.
I have worked alongside journalists and they are, generally, nice people and there’s not many that I’d like to see killed in a freak weather accident.
Personally, I hate being out in thunderstorms, heavy snowdrifts and icy weather and I’m certainly not going to stand near the sea or on a cliff edge in a gale nor go storm-chasing like in the film – which name escapes me – where the cow gets thrown into the air by a twister.
I’d rather watch the terrible weather from the window, in the safety, warmth and comfort of my own home. Even if there was a flood, I think I’d rather stay indoors and drown than suffer the embarrassment of watching me on every hourly tv news bulletin tumbling from my bedroom window in my Batman slippers into a neighbour’s convenient, “ready to hand,” kayak whilst being interviewed by a reporter wearing a Berghaus jacket, waders and 17ft stilts.


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