The Non-Essential Column

The government recently re-introduced the re-opening of non-essential shops. Yeah, because the one thing this country has been missing is a “non-essential” shop. Oh, but apparently they have, as swarms of people crowded into Sports Direct because the one thing… Read More ›

Thanks For Nothing

I really have to stop saying “Thank you, I appreciate it” to anyone who provides me a service. It’s my default response and I even said it to the nurse who gave me a routine blood test yesterday.Naturally, she looked… Read More ›

Ruff Justice

From September 10th, Wetherspoon’s have decided to ban dogs from its pubs. Apparently, it’s also blanket ban which means it will probably affect dogs, babies and elderly ladies as they all love wearing blankets in pubs.Wetherspoon’s claim the reason for… Read More ›