Tom Kerridge And Me

As a kid, I was seriously overweight. I wasn’t so much a fifth child, more a Space-Hopper for my siblings to bounce on around the garden.
I was probably the only “man-made” object on Earth to be seen from outer space.
Alarmed, the doctor gave me a food diary to list everything I’d eat for the next fortnight and even he was surprised when I returned the diary with 20 added pages and my teeth-marks on it.
Luckily, through a growth spurt, sensible diet and regular exercise, I now maintain a healthy weight, but I was fascinated to watch the recent tv chef, Tom Kerridge series “Lose Weight For Good.”
It seemed to be about eating all the same food that made you fat but with slightly different ingredients.
He said: “In this series, I’m going to show you how to make my diet burgers, diet kebabs, diet fish ‘n’ chips, diet lasagne, diet Shepherd’s pie, diet pizza, diet fried chicken and diet curry.”
He’s gone from weighing 30st to 18st, mainly by cutting out the 15 pints a day he drank whilst running his pub. Imagine if he’d actually given up food too…?
My favourite school dessert was chocolate sponge with chocolate custard. I’d never seen that custard since and often wondered how it was made.
Then Tom Kerridge broke some chocolate into a pan of hot normal custard and I felt so happy and so disappointed at the same time.
But I do wonder if he can cook anything without using a blowtorch?
If I’d taken a blowtorch to a lasagne, my mum would have gone mental and blasted my dad for leaving his toolbox unattended. Although, taking a chisel to my ginger snaps was deemed compulsory.
Discussing his series diet group combined weight loss of 18st 10lbs, Tom said: “They’ve all helped each other and had amazing camaraderie.”
Or he may have said “amazing calamari.”
Knowing him, they probably had both…?


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