The Non-Essential Column

The government recently re-introduced the re-opening of non-essential shops. Yeah, because the one thing this country has been missing is a “non-essential” shop. Oh, but apparently they have, as swarms of people crowded into Sports Direct because the one thing… Read More ›

It’s Not Cricket

With the Ashes series in full swing, I’m reminded of my own short-lived cricketing career.It’s fair to say my dad was a football and boxing fan and at school would sometimes combine the sports into one feisty P.E. lesson.So, it… Read More ›

Paris Olympics

Breakdancing has moved a step closer to being included in the 2024 Paris Olympics after surprisingly achieving more votes than the French Can-Can, the conga, headbanging, air guitar and dad dancing. Apparently, no one could make up their mind about… Read More ›

Crazy Golf Ideas

With fewer people taking up golf, former world number 1, Lee Westwood says the sport needs to change to survive and needs modernising.One issue is how long the game takes to play and he suggests that instead of golfers awaiting… Read More ›

Rubbish Runners

I do quite a bit of distance walking. As someone whose age can best be described as “having outlived 6 Blue Peter Tortoises”, it’s okay. I’m comfortable with the physical limitations that age brings. I’ve nothing to prove to anyone.But… Read More ›

Schoolboy Errors

With the World Cup underway, it’s time to make a confession…My name is Russell O’Connor and I’m addicted to football.There, that’s the first time I’ve admitted it publicly.It’s strange because, given my many miserable football related childhood experiences, I should… Read More ›

Amateur Tennis

With Wimbledon approaching, middle-aged men in offices will suddenly declare a previously unknown interest in tennis and will, inexplicably, book a largely redundant leisure centre tennis court and invite a work colleague for a game of lunchtime tennis.To impress their… Read More ›

Football Crazy

On June 10th women everywhere will be kissing goodbye to their husbands and boyfriends for a month as the European Football Championships begin. For me, it’s an opportunity to display my St. Georges flag at my window. Doubtless, some opportunist… Read More ›


After watching the recent televised World Darts finals, my friend – not my imaginary one, the other one – invited me to game of darts at the local pub. In much the same way as local tennis courts only get… Read More ›